We Develop Powerful and Dynamic Web Database Applications:

Typically, website database applications are expensive propositions: riddled with red tape, slowly produced features, and unmet deadlines. But not anymore with ASP.NET websites and Microsoft's cloud based service, Azure. ASP.NET websites are a much more robust and inexpensive way to develop this type of web application. But that's not all, as Azure will only charge you for the service that is actually consumed. Advantages of using ASP.NET:

  • Web pages are generated on the server before being sent to the browser
  • Quicker and simpler deployment of website thru automated Visual Studio
  • User base is very large
  • Banks use ASP.Net websites due to the built in security functionality
  • Development costs are lower in ASP.Net versus other
  • ASP.Net has been around for a long time
  • Easy to deploy due to baked in configuration info
  • Microsoft supports and maintains ASP.Net
  • ASP.Net caches information that is used often, thereby speeding up the application

Advantages of using Azure to host:

  • Very easy and quick scalability and flexibility. With a few clicks you can upgrade your site to a more powerful server and/or more storage.
  • Microsoft designed Azure with security being one of their top priorities.
  • World-class data center in the cloud
  • Azure pricing structure is such that you pay for only what you use
  • Azure customer support is world-class

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