• Affordable Automation helped me with several projects. Face it, most organizations are not getting anywhere near the potential that is possible with Microsoft offerings. Gary and team helped me with a database application (Access) as well as a web based application (ASP.NET/Azure). They deliver multiples of value. They really cared about me and what I needed to achieve. I recommend them fully. They helped me be more productive and to automate manual processes.

       - Chris, Chorus Consulting

  • Affordable Automation is wonderful to work with - always available! They are easy to talk to and explain in laymans terms, complicated functions in Access.

       - Ruth, Christian Blue Pages

  • Because of my experience with Gary, I consider it a privilege to recommend his work. One of the most critical and yet challenging functions of any Accounting Manager is the ability to analyze the balance sheet accounts on a monthly basis. The credibility of your financial reports depends on this function. I managed the inventory and cost of sales functions for a business that consisted exclusively of selling thousands of different items purchased from a third party manufacturer. Both the inventory and the accounts payable accounts carried sizeable multi-million dollar balances throughout the year. I knew that Gary possessed both the knowledge of the appropriate accounting principles along with an extensive understanding of computer software. After explaining the objectives, Gary created tools to utilize the data available, that among other benefits, allowed the company to significantly increase inventory turnover rates and establish more accurate accounts payable balances, and all accomplished with the existing staff.

       - Paul, Accounting Manager for a large corporation

  • 2008 was an exciting, but somewhat scary year for my wife and I as we ventured out to start our own non-profit. After leaving the corporate and M&A world, I needed many prayers that year and much expertise in the area of website development. God sent me a very talented team in Gary and Sam - 3 months into "project 5 2". Affordable Automation LLC was professional and extremely helpful in getting me launched in this faith-based food and supply business / ministry. I am extremely grateful for the work they did for me back in 2008. God has since blessed us by having project 5 2 be able to serve over 30,000 people in 4 states with at least one of our products. God is truly good and faithful. Gary and his entire team have not only helped me on the website and ministry database of things but have also partnered with me in delivering food to the needy in areas of poverty locally. You will not be disappointed in Affordable Automation's skill sets and expertise.

       - Jerry, Project 5 2 Ministries